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Discover the most innovative well-being programs available globally.

At HealthDesk we specialise in designing and delivering the best and most innovative wellness programs from countries such as Poland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Laos, and Thailand.

We are known of supporting companies in increasing the health levels of employees, improving workplace comfort in offices and in factories with our original and patented well-being programs. We have taken care of more than 500.000+ employees so far and from now on, our corporate wellness services are finally available in your country.

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Mental health & workplace well-being

Boost your team’s mental health with our specialized well-being trainings tailored for office employees. Dive deep into the essence of mental well-being through HealthDesk’s meticulously designed corporate training programs. Opt for our webinars to get enriching content right at your desk provided by top-skilled instructors who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  Join the ranks of numerous businesses that have already reaped the benefits of our workshops. Elevate your team’s performance, morale, and overall comfort by investing in their mental health today, and witness a positive change tomorrow.

Each session ranges from 60 to 120 minutes and can be held on ZOOM, Teams, or a streaming platform of your choice. After the live session, employees receive a concise summary highlighting key takeaways for future reference.

  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Healthy mind & relax
  • Where to find joy in life in challenging times
  • How to maintain work-life balance?
  • Anti-stress workshops
  • Effective work vs. procrastination
  • Mistakes are OK – the art of learning from mistakes
  • How to survive in current time – the art of balance and positive thinking
  • The understanding of emotions – fear, panic and emotions in a crisis situation
  • Taking care of yourself – motivation, energy and well-being
  • Self-esteem – where to look for it?
  • Effective remote work and good habits
  • Holiday burnout syndrome & post-holiday blues – how to relax?
  • Seasonal depression – where to get energy when there is no Sun?
  • An agile leap into the new year – keeping your New Year’s resolutions
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Physical health & work ergonomics

Enhance your team’s body health with our specialized well-being workshops tailored for office employees. Experience the benefits of live classes designed to address the physical strains of desk jobs. Our group workshops delve into work ergonomics, ensuring you maintain the right posture and prevent office-related physical pain. Let your employees learn the secrets to a pain-free workday and boost their productivity. At HealthDesk, we aim to make each session not just a class but a a step towards a healthier work lifestyle.

Our certified fitness trainers and physiotherapists lead each group session, bringing their expertise to your office within a click. Consider joining the many businesses that have created a healthier, happier and more efficient workplace with our guidance.

  • Work ergonomics webinar + Q&A | 60 mins
  • Ergonomics workshop express session | 20 mins
  • HealthySpine express session | 20 mins
  • Auto-stretching express session | 20 mins
  • Breathing technics express session | 20 mins
  • Face yoga express session | 20 mins
  • Yoga @ work | 40-60 mins
  • Meditation @ work | 40-60 mins
  • Relaxation technics session | 40 mins

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